Happy New Year…

May all Ur dreams
see fulfillment
at the break of dawn,
and the moments
U live today, turn into
Lovely memories,
when they r gone.
These wishes r sent to U WITH LOVE.
May each moment
fills Ur days with happiness &
may U also find rich satisfaction
in things U wish to do.
New Beginning,                              
New Resolution,
New Hope, A New Chance,
new venture,               
     A New Dream.
May This year fulfill all
the promises
and add a new meaning
to your life.

Ever more dreams to follow…
Doors to open…
Paths to explore…
Ever more joys to find…
Ever more heights to reach…
Ever more life to live!
Wishing you & your family a Healthy, Wealthy & Prosperous New Year 2012 

A look Ahead

Now that we are just about to enter into 2012, which is of course going to be a great one for all, I just wanted to take a look ahead to see how it would look like for me… Well, This is how my 2012 will look like:

January 1st: The official first day of 2012. Will meet some of my School friends and make some phone calls… We wish each other A Happy New Year…!!

January 1st, 14 minutes after waking up: The first time I write 2011 instead of 2012.

January 7th: I will brag about how I haven’t broken one of my New Year’s resolutions.

January 8th: I will break all of my resolutions at one time, slip into a deep spiral of self-loathing, and vow to never, ever again make New Year’s resolutions.

January 25th: My 5th semister exams begin…

February 17th: My class work begins for the 6th semister…

March 15th: My relatives ask me what I want for my birthday. I can’t come up with anything under the price of Rs.5000, so I say nothing.

March 20th: My birthday. I receive all of my presents, wishes from my dear ones and vow to give everyone a list of what I actually do want next year.

March 27th: I will give my first Musical Concert, playing a dual role of both a Singer and a Pianist.

April 3rd: I vow to write a book. I develop a plot outline, several intriguing characters and get to work on it.

April 4th: I forget about the whole book thing because writing is hard and I’m always too late in such things…

April 10th: For the third time we conduct Medical Camp in our house…(as a celebration of my sister’s B’Day…). This will ofcourse be a grand Success…

May 1st: May Day, I recognise the day as important…

May 20th: There will be a solar eclipse. This being 2012, the year that the world ends, everyone will panic pre-eclipse but still, I will watch it as a great thing…

June 22nd : It’s the wedding anniversary of my parents… So, we celebrate it by eating at a casual dining chain.

June 28th: I will be “damn happy” today for no known reason… the feeling called “Chumma Happiness”

July 15th: I will retry the whole book thing.

July 18th: My friends will ask, “Whatever happened to that book thing?” I will not remember what they are talking about.

July 24th: My mom’s B’day… We celebrate it by going out in the evening…

August 10th: Since 3.2semister is too short, Our final exams begin…

August 18th: my 2nd tour with my college friends, Either to Tirupath or Araku Valley… Getting too excited just on  thinking of it…

August 21st: I will enter the final year of my B.Pharmacy… Reminding that, I get a bit uncomfortable for I have to leave my college and friends in a short time…

September 18th: My dad’s B’day… He will take a day off from work and we spend time together at home…

October 31st: I will be “sick.” An Attack of Asthma.

November 13th: A total solar eclipse. Since it is still 2012, there is a fair chance some cult will do something crazy.

November 27th: The 4th Medical Camp in the name of my sister… Another Grand Success….

December 21st: According to Mayan prophecies, this will be the end of the world. Stores sell out of batteries, Botteled water, Tinned foods, etc… I use this as an excuse to think over about my future. “Why would you need that if the world ends?” I will constantly be saying.

December 22nd: After seeing that the world did not end, I begin to re-think all about everything.

December 27th: I make another stupid list about 2013. Spoiler alert: It’s, most likely, the exact same list.