A cartoon history of evolutionary biology

Why Evolution Is True

This drawing, produced by Harvard student Esther Hamburger as a class assignment, is one of the most fantastic evolution-related cartoons I’ve seen. In fact, it’s not really a cartoon at all: it’s a graphical history of evolutionary biology, showing all the principals.  Throughout it winds the Great Chain of Being—in this case a genuine chain of intellectual advance.

Here’s Esther’s description, which I reproduce (along with the drawing) with her permission:

Generating an illustrated history of evolutionary biology was an idea partially inspired by the caricatures of James Gillray. The British artist’s work served to illustrate the political and social scenes of the late 18th century, and was interspersed throughout the Harvard summer school course, taught by Andrew Berry, for which this image was created. Starting from the Greek philosophers who first observed and consequently attempted to explain the world around them, the tree winds it way down to Darwin…

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The “eXam” Thing…!

My 5th Semester examinations are just a day away and I am so tired of remembering things… 😦

I just realized that “The System is and has always been QUALIFYING on the basis of REMEMBRANCE and never the UNDERSTANDING

I mean to say – A 3year old kid saying E=mc2 can pass an examination in this present pattern 😉 , in spite of the fact that he knows nothing of what it actually is…

What I feel is – To by heart something and dump it back in the answer sheet’ is NOT at all required in the world today; it is whether or not you understood the real essence of the whole thing… Because this is what make us different from all these computers and even books…(they can hold a lot of data but can not understand even a sentence of what it means).

I wish and hope that soon there will be an alternative (more like a Substitution) to the present “Exam system” where in the students are tested for their Understanding and not merely their ability to Remember something… 😀 🙂 

Till then, these expressions are inevitable :-(…

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10 Classical Indianisms…

When I read the post, “The Idiocy of English Language“, I was reminded of another article 10 Classical Indianisms‘… It was fun and I should say, the mentioned points are Definitely true…

Here it goes…. Read and enjoy…!

We are a unique species, aren’t we? Not humans. Indians, I mean. No other race speaks or spells like we do.
Take greetings for example.A friendly clerk asking me for my name is apt to start a conversation with, “What is your good name?

As if I hold that sort of information close to my heart and only divulge my evil pseudonym. Bizarre.

I call these Indianisms.

Which got me thinking about a compilation, a greatest hits of the most hilarious Indianisms out there.
And here they are. The most common ones, and my favorites among them.

1. ‘Passing out

When you complete your studies at an educational institution, you graduate from that institution.

You do not “pass out” from that institution.

To “pass out” refers to losing consciousness, like after you get too drunk, though I’m not sure
how we managed to connect graduating and intoxication.

Oh wait … of course, poor grades throughout the year could lead to a sudden elation on hearing
you’ve passed all of your exams, which could lead to you actually “passing out,” but this is rare
at best.

2. Kindly revert

One common mistake we make is using the word revert to mean reply or respond.

Revert means “to return to a former state.”

I can’t help thinking of a sarcastic answer every time this comes up.

Please revert at the earliest.

Sure, I’ll set my biological clock to regress evolutionarily to my original primitive hydrocarbon
state at 1 p.m. today.

3. ‘Years back’

If it happened in the past, it happened years ago, not “years back.”

Given how common this phrase is, I’m guessing the first person who switched “ago” for “back”
probably did it years back. See what I mean?

And speaking of “back,” asking someone to use the backside entrance sounds so wrong.

So when did you buy this car?

Oh, years back.

Cool, can you open the backside? I’d like to get a load in.

4. ‘Doing the needful’

Try to avoid using the phrase “do the needful.” It went out of style decades ago, about the time
the British left.

Using it today indicates you are a dinosaur, a dinosaur with bad grammar.

You may use the phrase humorously, to poke fun at such archaic speech, or other dinosaurs.

Will you do the needful?

Of course, and I’ll send you a telegram to let you know it’s done too.

5. ‘Discuss about’

What shall we discuss about today?

Let’s discuss about politics. We need a fault-ridden topic to mirror our bad grammar.

You don’t “discuss about” something; you just discuss things.

The word “discuss” means “to talk about”. There is no reason to insert the word “about” after

That would be like saying “talk about about.” Which “brings about” me to my next peeve.

6. ‘Order for’

Hey, let’s order for a pizza.

Sure, and why not raid a library while we’re about it.

When you order something, you “order” it, you do not “order for” it.

Who knows when or why we began placing random prepositions after verbs?

Perhaps somewhere in our history someone lost a little faith in the “doing” word and added “for” to
make sure their order would reach them. They must have been pretty hungry.

7. ‘Do one thing’

When someone approaches you with a query, and your reply begins with the phrase “do one thing,”
you’re doing it wrong.

“Do one thing” is a phrase that does not make sense.

It is an Indianism. It is only understood in India. It is not proper English. It is irritating.

There are better ways to begin a reply. And worst of all, any person who starts a sentence with “do
one thing” invariably ends up giving you at least five things to do.

My computer keeps getting hung.

Do one thing. Clear your history. Delete your cookies. Defrag your hardrive. Run a virus check.
Restart your computer… .

8. ‘Out of station’

Sorry I can’t talk right now, I’m out of station.

What a coincidence, Vijay, I’m in a station right now.

Another blast from the past, this one, and also, extremely outdated.

What’s wrong with “out of town” or “not in Mumbai” or my favorite “I’m not here”?

9. ‘The big sleep’

I’m going to bed now, sleep is coming.

OK, say hi to it for me.

While a fan of anthropomorphism, I do have my limits. “Sleep is coming” is taking things a bit too

Your life is not a poem. You don’t have to give body cycles their own personalities.

10. ‘Prepone’

Let’s prepone the meeting from 11 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Because the opposite of postpone just has to be prepone, right?

“Prepone” is probably the most famous Indianism of all time; one that I’m proud of, and that I
actually support as a new entry to all English dictionaries.

Because it makes sense. Because it fills a gap. Because we need it. We’re Indians, damn it. Students
of chaos theory.

We don’t have the time to say silly things like “could you please bring the meeting forward.”

Prepone it is.

There are many more pure grammatical “gems” in what we call Indian English. Perhaps in time I’ll list some
more. And perhaps in the near future, we’ll get better at English.

Till then, kindly adjust.

Sleep tight…!

Some people say Sleep is just a waste of time while some others say it is really important to lead a happy and healthy life…

Here is little more of what it actually is and why is it needed so much…

We spend about 1/3rd of our life in sleep…

It’s impossible to tell if someone is really awake without close medical supervision. People can take cat naps with their eyes open without even being aware of it.

When one goes to sleep, His Brain Recharges; His sells repair themselves and His body releases important Hormones…

Anything less than five minutes to fall asleep at night means you’re sleep deprived.  The ideal is between 10 and 15 minutes, meaning you’re still tired enough to sleep deeply, but not so exhausted you feel sleepy by day.

Experts say one of the most alluring sleep distractions is the 24-hour accessibility of the internet.

Tiny luminous rays from a digital alarm clock can be enough to disrupt the sleep cycle even if you do not fully wake. The light turns off a “neural switch” in the brain, causing levels of a key sleep chemical to decline within minutes.

Some scientists believe we dream to fix experiences in long-term memory, that is, we dream about things worth remembering. Others think we dream about things worth forgetting – to eliminate overlapping memories that would otherwise clog up our brains.

We can only dream of what we know and of what we have already seen… Whether we actively remember it or not.

Over the recent years, Sleep is being highly neglected because of the busy and stressful schedules of day to day life… The science of sleep is a modern one – in fact most scientific information on sleep has been gained in the last 25 years… It has been proved that SLEEP IS VERY IMPORTANT for maintaining good health…

So, Better sleep well tonight…!!!

Want to know more…?

In 2011…,

Hello pals… Just about 10days into 2012… I miss all the beautiful memories of 2011… My memory is still roaming in 2011, while the time is  running at it’s pace…So, I just thought to share a few things that happened to me in the passed year…

The First day of the Year… After considerably a long time, I met many of my School friends… We all went to our school, Wished our dear teachers “A Happy New Year”. From there, Went to have lunch in a restaurant… Enjoyed a lot… Then, in the evening, went out with my parents and cousins….

 College Fest… Enjoyed a lot… Participated in an event (as a punjabi)… Got good appreciation from all…

January end… Our Microbiology syllabus is not yet finished… So, sir asked us to deliver seminars on different topics… I discussed 2-3 topics… A great experience and for the first time in college…

Shifted from Windows to UBUNTU… I love this OS, its open-source concept, community support, and everything… Have been using it since then…

March 20th… My B’day… Friends from college and School came home… Played a lot with all of them… It was a Sunday… So, a bit disappointed as I could not go to college… Still, Enjoyed well… Created my Facebook Account for the 1st time…

College day…Didn’t perform anything… But, really enjoyed performances by some people…

 Celebrated the Victory of Indian Cricket Team in the World Cup 2011 with family and friends…

Opened a bank account of my own…

April 10th… My Sister’s (Madhu Sravanthi) B’day… Conducted a medical camp in our home in her name… That was a grand Success… I felt very much Satisfied with my work that day…

My 1st one day trip with friends… Went to HAILAND… It was so good…

Enjoyed a full day at our Farm-House with many of my cousins, uncles and aunts…

Lended my friend’s Guitar for the vacation… Learned to play it a li’ll bit… maybe some Chords and a few songs…

In the Summer Vacation, Attended 3-4 ceremonies of my cousins… Really busy in one sense and equally bored in another… of all those, One was held at Tirupati… Enjoyed to the limit in that trip

For the first time, went to another college (ofcourse, along with friends) to participate in some events…

In August, thought of going on a trip to Matheran and surroundings with my cousins… The programme gave us a lot of hope for enjoyment… but, it never happened… 😦 It was cancelled at the last moment… Felt too bad for that… 

 These images would have been at the Back of us if the tour had happened… 😦

As a compensation to the above, though nothing like it, went to SRISAILAM with my friends (a total of 9members)… It was a Beautigul 3day trip where all of us enjoyed fully… I was really excited about that as it was my 1st time regarding such trips…

Once again Joined in a music acadamy to learn Piano… I think, I am improving with great velocity…

Delivered some seminars, Oral and Poster Presentations again in and off the college… a good experience…


On November 27th, another Medical Camp was held at home… This time we have successfully examined as many as 115 blood and Urine samples of kith and kin for various parameters ranging from Blood sugar levels to Liver and Kidney Function tests… Also, my friends participated… Enjoyed and exhusasted…

In December, I’ve created this BLOG… Felt Really happy for myself… Explored the Features available, and finally came up with My 1st Post on 30th December…


31st December… Waited for 23:59:59 so that I can Shout… “HAPPY NEW YEAR”

Apart from all the above,

Became a big fan of Frozen Thoughts ( a monthly magazine )… Went through almost all the issues of 2011… It influenced my thinking and communication patterns to a great extent… Also DISCOVERED another programme of FT, “ALMAMATER” ( presently known as INFINITHEISM )… Started to watch the events through their webcast…

Made GOOD FRIENDS with some wonderful people… and got really close with my well-known friends…

Watched some Excellent movies, Listened to some Beautiful songs, fell sick for a few times with Asthma…and may be that’s it…