Be Peaceful…

Wishing you Most and more in everything you seek. Wishing you, above everything else, peace.
To be peaceful, remember no gain is a gain, if it is gained at the cost of your peace. Let peace be the constant, and let everything else be a variable. Everything is meaningful only in the context of peace. There is no meaning to anything without peace. So, put your peace above everything else.
To be peaceful, you will have to take care of your physical well-being. So, invest one hour a day on the body and cherish the benefit of it during the remaining twenty-three hours. Predominantly be attracted by health-conscious foods and only occasionally be distracted by tongue-conscious foods.
To be peaceful, you must invest in silence. The cluttered mind needs quite moments. Franz Kafka so eloquently put it: “It is not necessary that you leave the house. Remain at your table and listen. Do not even listen; only wait. Do not even wait; be wholly still and alone. The world will present itself to you for its unmasking, it can do no other, in ecstasy it will writhe at your feet.” Let all your doing be punctuated by non-doing. Even if you have not been initiated into meditation, at least practice stillness, for sometime, everyday.
To be peaceful, you must celebrate work. Hold the sanctity of work above everything, and everything else will flow into your life as natural byproducts. It is a true story that Dave Anderson and Jim Murphy joined American Railways on the same day. Twenty years later, Dave was still doing the same job but Jim became the Chairman of Railways. Dave said, “I came to work for $1.75 an hour; Jim came to work for American Railways. That made all the difference.” Work is your only salvation. Work is the only way to progress. Nothing develops man like work does. Work must be the primary form of worship.
To be peaceful, be slow to judge and quick to forgive. Express gratitude, but do not expect gratitude. Receive gracefully and give gleefully. What you expect from others, first expect from yourself. Be dependable and not dependent. Be expressive with your love. Be demonstrative with your happiness. Rejoice the unpredictability of life. Trust. If your trust is betrayed, trust again. Celebrate all the good news. Don’t get carried away by all the bad news – that world is not that bad. Bring some selflessness into your life. Serve in some capacity, some cause, expecting nothing in return. Be a multi-role wonder by bringing balance into your life. Have faith on that one Connect that’s beyond your judgment. Play the game of your life to your heart’s content… play it right… play it well. Play it peacefully. Play it for peace. Play it with peace. And, always remember, life is just a matter of choice made by yourself…
Get all the small things of your life right, and the big reward from life will be your peace. With peace, you will find silence.  Always remember… “Society tells you how you are… Silence tells you how you want to be…” In silence, you will find the actual YOU and through that, you will find everything else.

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