An Evening with Fire and Love…!

First of all… Please do not worry as it is not a fire accident… 😉 It is the fire we have arranged for enjoying an evening… 🙂

When I went to our ‘farm–house’ a few days earlier to organize a get-together with all my cousins and other family members; It was inevitable that we, the organizers, have to do some work up to make it feasible for such a meet, for the food and if possible, a “Camp Fire” 😀  like thing – as we are meeting in the evening and were planning to stay the whole night long…

The choice of place was not too easy as there were a lot of inflammable things all around… 😮

After a lot of ideas, we finally came up with an area where we can safely arrange a fire… and then started the cleaning up activities… In the proposed area, we have some ‘small scale ONION plantation’ for self use… the crop is ready for harvesting and we started to do that too… 😎


Some time into the whole activity and being in the lap of mother nature… I was filled with some kind of Joy… Some feeling of satisfaction, which was entirely new to me… As we continued, the whole place turned out to be a paradise… like what they say… “A perfect place for a perfect evening…!” 😉 😀 😎

Then, everybody met at around 4pm… and since it is winter, Sun left us real quick… and the time has come for us to start ‘The Camp Fire’… It was actually after a long time that all of us met… So, everybody started to share their experiences in life, chit-chatted for quite a long time… and enjoyed in each others company…

We have started to light some crackers, sang some songs, Played dumb charades 😐 , Cracked all the crazy jokes we have known since ages 😆  and shared the wildest of our thoughts 👿 :roll:… I tell you, that evening brought us more close to each other…

Apart from all this, I am filled with Pride 😛 and thankfulness as I am one of those who made all this happen and contributed enough to turn an ordinary evening into a ‘memorable for life’ 😎  moment in many hearts…

Since I am not used to all these activities, my muscles went on Non-Cooperation Movement on the next day :oops:…  But, I could resolve their problem and get all my body to condition in no time…!! 😎


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