Arguments are really GOOD*… (*Conditions Apply)

A normal conversation among people with different ideas will often lead to an “Argument” and many say ‘Arguments’ can only be a source of pain in Relationships

Well, I do not accept with them. I feel like – an argument is one of the best ways to understand others, provided, it is done in the right way… I tell you what – all the arguments I have had so far made me get much more close to my people…

Always be remembered, A feeling ‘Expressed’ may cause hurt in a relationship… But, an ‘unexpressed’ feeling will hurt the relationship itself…”

Well…In my idea, to get the most out of any Argument (I definitely do not mean the winning thing here), one needs some clarity over the following…

1. Any issue can be handled in two ways… In APPLIED form or in PURE form In APPLIED form, you discuss what the other person did and what you didn’t like about it and not whether it is correct or wrong. So, IMPLYING things to yourself in such situations doesn’t help even if you are right In PURE form, you discuss what should have been done to be correct and what was actually did

        The former seems to be like COMPLAINING and the later, like EXPLAINING

2. One should never miss the logic while arguing to make the other person ‘understand’ your perception of the situation… To be logical, It is your intelligence that should act and not your emotional personality…

        So, Keep the situation cool and calm… Avoid Complaining or Criticizing

3. Most importantly, you should not try to win over the other… After all, you are arguing with your loved ones only to avoid repeating the situation that gave you pain…

        So, keep in mind – The Question is not about whose Mistake, it is about Whose life

 I believe that a conversation or an argument with ‘someone important in lifewill help you to realize the mistakes and to learn what the right path is…

        By this, you will get to know each other in a much better way and will be happier than ever…

So it’s all in the way we argue, but when one does, it means they are developing critical thinking skills and a valuable life skill. The noble purpose of an argument is persuade someone through logic and reasoning to change their minds for the betterment of themselves or the world...

Now, Better DON’T say NO to an Argument…! 😉

This is what I think… How about you…!?


2 thoughts on “Arguments are really GOOD*… (*Conditions Apply)

  1. A feeling ‘Expressed’ may cause hurt in a relationship… But, an ‘unexpressed’ feeling will hurt the relationship itself…

    The Line is Excellent

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