The Silly Me… ;-)

           Childhood is sometime that is filled with a lot of FUN, Laughs, mischievous behavior, and of course many fantasies and silly mistakes… When I look back at those days of my life, Somethings that make me LAUGH like hell now 😀 are those that kept me struggling all through that time…

Here they go…

The Ice cream : I like “Choco Bar” a lot… But, I used to have a problem eating it… From the tip to the middle of the stick, things used to go smooth… There starts the trouble… I used to find it very difficult eating the end part of the Ice-Cream because I used to put it straight into my mouth, until recently when I discovered that it can be eaten sideways also…! 😀 😉

The Body and Blood : I used to think that all the body organs ‘remain floating’ in Blood… and only because of that, wheresoever there is a cut or wound on body, Blood comes out…! and so it is very important…!

Only in my 5th or 6th standard I came to know the actual truth… 😀 and many such silly presumptions regarding the Human Body and realizations later on made me a Life-Sciences Student now…!

The TV : I used to think that those who are in TV can not come out and those who are outside can not go into it… all those Movie Stars, Reporters and even the Politicians never existed for me in the real world…One day, I saw a helicopter passing over our home and my mom told me that it is the Chief Minister’s… Then, I asked her the same and she got me relieved of my doubt and surprise…

The Cartoons : When I came to know that people shown in TV are also present in the real world, I started to think that even the man with anchors on his hands… ‘Popeye The sailor Man’…, Captain Planet, etc are also real…!

Advertisement-Animations : Like the one below…

 {Oops… Sorry…! I couldn’t find any video commercial of such kind now…! 😦 Anyways, you know what I mean… Right…! :-)}

I used to tell my mom not to take the free article for a particular commodity expecting it to fall in our trolley with sprinkling stars (Magic) by itself as shown in the add…

Movie Hero :This one is still partly on…!  Whenever I watch a movie and I like it, I get into being the Movie’s Hero in the same profession and with similar attitude for a few days and sometimes till I watch another movie…! 😉 You Know… Jumping off the cot with a toy gun in my hands and saying FREEZE… FBI…! to my mom and dad…, taking a phone and saying ‘Roger that’, ‘Copy..!’ and that sort of things…

These are some of my fantasies that kept me busy through all my Childhood…

In fact, I am still carrying a piece of my childhood in me… and the fantasies didn’t pass too… Now that my Profession is confirmed as a Pharmacist (By Choice), I’ve started to watch sci-fi movies a lot… Now, in my world, I have the powers of Wolverine, jean grey and Prof.Charles… (Yes all the three…!) in me alone…!

One more thing that I still carry is about the Abbreviations… Basically, I am too poor in General Knowledge… So, When ever I come across some abbreviation form, I just fill it in with some words that come to my mind… Like NGO becomes National Geographical Officer while it actually stands for Non-Governmental Organisation… 😉 Sometimes I even get them right as I choose my words according to the location and context of the issue… Common Sense…haa 🙂 

Yes, It is obvious that some things like above are highly misunderstood during childhood (even in adulthood) by everyone… But, the feeling that we get after we come to know the actual truth is always INCREDIBLE… We feel like WE ARE AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD… Isn’t that true…?

Now don’t tell me NO because I know that it is a YES by myself…! 🙂

Have Fun… and Take Care… 🙂


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