FrozenThoughts to Infinithoughts…

I have been refering to a name ‘FROZEN THOUGHTS’ from my very first posts and it is a magazine… Actually, it is something more than a magazine for me and for all of it’s readers… It is a Path… Such a path, which will lead you to a better you…!

I saw it for the first time in my college Library… and I just fell in love with it in the first sight itself… All I knew was it’s name… “Frozen Thoughts“… and that was more than sufficient for me to take it out of the Library stand and go through it… It was actually my first day in the college and I was just looking around… But, FT made me stay there for the next one and a half hour…!

From then on wards, FT has become the only reason why I visit the Library… My journey along with FT started then (3 years ago) and it has changed my life, My thought and communication patterns… Every time I face a situation either from within or from outside, I always got the answer from FT as if it was just written and said for my sake…

Now, I am witnessing it’s transformation into INFINITHOUGHTS

I still remember the Joy and Happiness in the eyes of ‘The Voice of Ra…’ (the Founder of FT) in November 2011, when he first declared it in “Almamater” (I saw through a webcast)… Well, ‘ALMAMATER‘ is a co-project of FT, which has also evolved into ‘INFINITHEISM‘ now…

In the last issue of FROZEN THOUGHTS, these are a few words from The Voice of Ra…

To know this will be the last issue as Frozen Thoughts… from the next issue it will be Infinithoughts… the heart is beating very differently. There is no hiding… I am in tears.

Frozen Thoughts is not just a magazine, but it is a legacy that was created from India and it was celebrated by the World. Frozen Thoughts will always remain frozen in our hearts.

When Frozen Thoughts was first published in August 2000, one of them hurled the first issue on the floor in a public gathering and said, “Disgraceful!” Another remarked, “Shocking and embarrassing!” From there it has been a long journey to now, where in every city in India or abroad, someone always walks up to me in restaurants, in airports, and other public places, stating, “You are part of Frozen Thoughts, right! Thank you so much. Frozen Thoughts has changed my life.”

In this journey from August 2000 to March 2012, where I have helped Frozen Thoughts to grow and Frozen Thoughts has helped me to grow, in this journey where we had mutually helped each other to become what we have become, there have been some priceless lessons learnt. Each lesson is worth a lifetime…

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. And, it doesn’t matter whether others believe in your idea or not. What really matters is your own conviction about your idea. The energy for the fulfilment of an idea has to come from the source from which the idea was born. If you are willing to go along, sure enough, others will come along. It does not matter how much I have, but what really matters is what I do with what I have. The strength with which an idea is pursued will magnetise the resources that are required for the accomplishment of the idea.

There is abundant potential, but people lack a sense of direction. Gross human potential is diluted when they don’t know what to do with their potential. Frozen Thoughts provided that direction to so many of us. If there is power in your tomorrow, there will be strength in your today. Goals awaken the sleeping potential within each one of us and they provide direction to our potential. Goals are the accelerants of growth.

The world can stop you only temporarily. The only one who can stop you permanently is yourself. I can experientially validate the dialogue in the movie ‘In Pursuit of Happyness’ – “Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t do something. You got a dream, you got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves, and they want to tell you – you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. Period.” There will be issues. People will come and go. You will be discouraged. The world will sometimes be vindictive. You will be judged, belittled and laughed at. Friends will turn into foes. You will have ‘You too, Brutus…’ moments. But all-in-all, whether something is a stumbling block or a stepping stone depends on how you use it. Strength of character is born out of the obstacles overcome. The bullet having left the gun cannot return to the gun. It has to hit the target. A venture begun must be a venture accomplished. Failure is not an option.

Above all, I have realized the power of ONE. One idea, one thought, one insight, one revelation, one existential intervention, one experience, one incident, one accident, and that’s all is required. One human being, in one lifetime, can have a bearing on the rest of the world. In that sense, Frozen Thoughts is just ONE initiative of ONE man… and it has made a difference to hundreds of thousands of lives.

Agnes evolved into Mother Teresa. Mohandas evolved into Mahatma Gandhi. Narendra evolved into Swami Vivekananda. Siddhartha evolved into Gautama Buddha. And, Frozen Thoughts is evolving into Infinithoughts.

With infinite love,

The Voice Ra…

Well, it is really working hard on me knowing that I am not going to see that name ever again… But, as “The Voice of Ra…” always says, “Do not be afraid to give up the good to go for the best“, I am making myself ready to face the future where Frozen Thoughts is transformed into Infinithoughts…

Thank you FT for all that you have given me… 🙂

12 thoughts on “FrozenThoughts to Infinithoughts…

  1. Excellent magazine to grow mentally, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually- Prasanjit Kar from Kolkata. Where can I find this magazine at Kolkata or how can I subscribe to this magazine. I am really keen. Can anybody help me plz. My contact details are Mobile: 09748736707

  2. i want to use the gift voucher facility and gift this magazines to my friends. i have filled the respective form that is attached in my subscription magazine. Now how do i pay for the gift voucher? kindly guide me

  3. On going through this magazine, of the opinion,it is not just for reading. Its makes you feel that one has wasted and lost something without knowing how to lead a meaningful life. With due apologizes would like to concede that i did a wrong one by stealing the book from one the hospital depriving others to get a chance to go this wonderful book of life. Great full to all who are behind this epic.

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