Well…, I belong to the class…(!?)

Given a situation, You, Me and anybody shall fall under only these Four Classes…

  1. You can handle it and you Know that you can;
  2. You can handle it and you do not know that you can;
  1. You can not handle it and you know that you can’t;
  2. You can not handle it and you do not know that you can’t

     Now, beyond any doubt, if you stand either in class 1 or 3 with respect to a situation, you are the luckyest… Because, you know what to do… Whether or not to get into something is clear to you… You know of your ability and inability… So, there is much scope to improve in life…!

     On the other hand, if you fall in class 2, you may have to miss the opportunity as you don’t know of your ability and that you can do it…!

     Being in class 4 is most dangerous to you… You get into something really deep sometimes…that may not be undone easily… After the things get worse, you come to know that you were wrong… Losing relationships, mainly faith that people have on you and that sort of things may be the result…!

         Hey, Let me make one thing Clear… “Intelligence is Area Specific”… I mean, you may be at the top of the world with one aspect of life and yet, you may not be able to understand even the alphabets of some other…

        This leaves you in class 2 or 3 or even 1 in few issues while you are just in class 4 in many other… This classification is specific not only to a person but also to every single situation you face…

Now comes the actual question… ‘How can you avoid being in class 4…!?’

Well, the answer is simple…

  • Leave the ‘I know’ attitude… Accept the fact that you still need to learn a lot of things…
  • Use Your Common Sense… “Do not believe anything that you have been told, unless it agrees with your own Common Sense”.
  • Observation and Proper approach towards the situation will do a lot of good.
  • Being fully conscious at all times with constant learning from each experience of yourself and others “He who learns only at school is no student”.
  • Never lose your logic in thinking and in pursuing a the details of a situation… If you let your emotions act there, you are likely to arrive at a wrong conclusion… “In the sway of emotions, abstain from action and abstain from decision-making…

The above will grant you a Horizontal Exposure with Vertical Expertise” – You will know the basics about many things and importantly, what your is stand in a particular situation (class 2 and 3) and in some, or in at least one, You are the Expert… (Class 1).

 For example, I am a Health Care Professional… and If I do not know anything about automobiles except to drive, I may be stuck on a Highway because of a punctured tyre… So, one should always have a nominal knowledge over a variety of things to get on smoothly with life…

 So, always keep your mind open for absorbing knowledge. However small or big an issue is, do not underestimate and never show negligence towards it “A stitch in time saves nine“…

 Have a nice time and Take care…! 🙂


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