Yet Another Successful Event – The Medical Camp…!

On 10-04-2012, In the name of my dear sister Eternal “U MADHU SRAVANTHI” (Madhu Medical Foundation), we have conducted a Medical Camp that turned out to be a Great Success… ūüėÄ

The Venue

The Venue of the event being Madhu Nilayam, and the Volunteers being my Friends, Cousins and Family, it has become a very disciplined, selfless and committed activity.

Below are some clicks that were captured during the whole event…


Height, Weight and BMI point

Blood Pressure Check


Blood Sugar Check

A look into the Laboratory…

technician drawing Blood Samples

Semi Automatic Analyser and Centrifuge

Reagents, things, etc...


Also, my dad addressed all those who attended the camp regarding the purpose of the whole event and also on how a little more care and discipline¬†in life can promote you to a more happier and healthier you… In the Class, ¬†do’s and¬†don’s¬†for Diabetics, Blood Pressure patients, etc were discussed as well…

My dad giving some health tips

The Class

All together, 117 patients were tested.

Height, Weight, BMI;¬†Blood Sugar (FBS, PPBS, RBS);¬†Blood Pressure and¬†Urine Analyses with 10 parameters were done to all…

Out of the total number, 18 patients were checked for Haemoglobin %; 36 Nerve Conduction Tests, 20 HbA1c tests to Chronic Diabetics. 63 patients were tested for their Lipid Profile, 14 for Kidney Function (Creatinine and Blood Urea) and 11 for Liver  Function (SGOT and SGPT) as per their need. 

At the end of the day, to all the Volunteers,¬†mementos were presented by my grandpa…


Then came the time for many us to be in single Photo…

My Friends and Me

My Cousins and Me

This is the third time that we have conducted such a Camp and I am happy to see that many mistakes that occurred in previous ones were corrected… We have already started the Screening process to find mistakes of this time to make sure that they won’t be repeated again…

Thanks to my Family members and Friends for their Time, Support and Involvement in making this whole event this much Professional and Such a Big Success… ūüôā

4 thoughts on “Yet Another Successful Event – The Medical Camp…!

  1. The medical camp leading by uncle & supporting by you & your family members shows the love & affection towards your sister and at the same time a bid of responsibility towards society!!!
    I wish to god, the purpose you (the whole team) have conducted this camp should be fulfilled!!!

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