Everybody has an Explanation for Everything and Everybody Wants to have the ‘Last Word’…

My friend was convinced that I was wrong. She had an explanation as to why she thought so. I clarified to her about why I did what I did. I gave my explanation according to which I felt I wasn’t wrong. She had an explanation as to why she thought my explanation did not justify my point and furthur, why I was still wrong. I explained further as to why I was still right. She was bent on proving me wrong and I was bent on proving myself right. Both of us had enough explanations and argument to substantiate our points of view…

He sends me an E-mail criticizing me for what I did and I reply to deny the accusation… He replies to substantiate his view and I give an explanation as to why I don’t agree to it…

By all this, I have realized two things…

Everybody has an explanation for everything and more importantly, everybody wants to have the last word…

In fact, the realization that I’ve been trying to explain myself for everything and that I have been trying to have the ‘last word’ all my life is really embarrassing

Once in the past, I told that Arguments are Really Good. But lately, I found that most arguments are not about things that are really worth all that effort. They neither make a significant change nor affect an accomplishment. They are all inconsequential in life and in most of the times, are a tool to satisfy our ego in the mob…

So, I have told myself that on all inconsequential issues, I will consciously allow the other person have the ‘last word’ and save a lot of my time, energy and effort. It is all in my hands to curtail this instinct of offering an explanation and letting the other have the ‘last word’, of course on all inconsequential issues… Fortunately, more than 90% of all the issues are inconsequential… 🙂


Do you have a different opinion on this…?

Well, I have nothing to say…

You can have the last word.

🙂 😉 🙂


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