The Tour – Day 4 (Vizag and Return)



That day, the schedule was not very tight… So, woke up at around 7’o clock and got ready… Had our break-fast and set our journey to Simhachalam, which is about 15km away from vizag…

Model of Simhachalam at Kailashgiri

Main Entrance into the temple


In the Queue for darshan


It is a temple of Lord Narasimha (Nara = Human & Simha = Lion, our angry god with body of Human and head of Lion). ‘Darshan’ went on well…

We had Prasadam for our lunch… 😉 All Laddus, Pulihora, etc… Yummiee…! 🙂

By the time we reached the hotel, it was late afternoon… Took rest for sometime and once again went to beach road… Spent the rest of our evening there itself… 

The View of Beach and road from harbor

At the Fishing Harbor

Unlike the last time, sea seemed so pleasant that day, but we didn’t get in… The beach road with all huge constructions on one side and sea on the other.., the view from their apartments, malls and hotels must have been fabulous… Really felt jealous for those who are living there…


Later, we vacated the rooms after taking the first and the last pic in the rooms…

Had dinner and reached the railway station by 8:30pm… Our train was running on schedule and we boarded the train…

 Extended our Good-byes to the city for all that pleasurable and memorable time we spent there…

We enjoyed our journey the whole night long… Cracked jokes, chit-chatted, viewed and shared the photographs, and had a lot of fun…

The next day, by 10’o clock, I reached home and skipped college on that day also… Described the whole trip to my parents… They also felt really happy except for the Camera… 😦


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