Environment and Humans

Well, I have to speak about this combination as WE are the only one of all the species ever lived, who have chosen to bend Nature according to us than we changing according to it…!

It seems really funny that we are the prime factor responsible for the need of such special protection of environment…!

In this article, I look forward to give a picture of how the Past and Present of HUMANS led to drastic changes in the ENVIRONMENT and on how WE are speculating it’s future

The Past



The Present

We are half-way into the destruction of mother earth in the name of Development and Sophistication of life


I should say, WE are acting in an irresponsible way… Much loss has already been incured…





This is the time for us to act and rectify our mistakes… It is not for us, but the time yet to come…


As shown in some sci-fi movies, if we do not desert our home, Earth, and occupy yet another planet…,

I see a promising future both for the Environment & for Us… Lately, we have completely understood the importance of a healthy environment for our mere existence on the earth


That It is Not Any One Man’s Task…!

The need for individual awareness towards the environment is being emphasized… Many programmes are being conducted everyday across the globe…




 All these are the first steps towards a million mile journey…


No-matter how small, every single person’s contribution matters…!


Let us all get hand in hand and lead ourselves and all the future generations into a cleaner, greener, safer and healthier tomorrow…


As I see the whole thing,

Long ago, so long ago, it was like…


The present is more like…

The Nature ‘Vs‘ Humans

I wish, The future will be like…

The Nature ‘and‘ Humans

 🙂 😀 🙂

The Full Presentation is available @ Environment and Humans


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