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The Energy Equivalence ‘FOR HEALTH’…!

The title may seem a bit odd… but, please ‘stay tuned’ till the end to find out if it is the perfect fit for this article…

Well, I shall start with a Question… (dont worry… Its not too tough)…What is the DIFFERENCE between a NUCLEAR POWER REACTOR and a NUCLEAR WEAPON (like an atom bomb)…!?

As I said… Right. Not too tough… here lies MY VERSION…In a reactor, the ENERGY PRODUCTION is LIMITED to meet the ENERGY CONSUMPTION or REQUIREMENT…While in a bomb, ENERGY PRODUCTION is WAY BEYOND the manageable LIMIT and all that is left freewithout a window for proper utilization…!

By now, you know that any EXCESS energy will only lead to DISTRUCTION…!

 This is true in all circumstances… HIGHER the Energy, LESSER is the STABILIY… Not only in Physics and Chemistry, but the same rule fits for all LIVING BEINGS as well…!Trust me on this… Being a student of Life-Sciences, I know this better than any other person…

 Now, We derive energy from two sources



 I will First deal with the BRAIN…

 “Brain” is the chief controlling organ of our body… Your bodily responses, however big or small they are; Decisions; Intelligence; likes and dislikes; Perception of a situation; infact, your every move is actually directed from the Brain…It extends such control by Generating Electrical Signals (called nerve impulses), which of course is a form of energy…!

 Here is how it works…

 Case 1 : You are RUNNING or CYCLING…!

          What’s happening here is ‘your brain is generating energy (Impulses) in order to balance your body, coordinate your hands, legs, etc and also is constantly looking the world around to keep you safe…’ Well, that’s a lot of energy… and in response to all of that, your muscles are also working pretty hard to keep moving and that causes ENERGY-CONSUMPTION BALANCE… and that will keep you HEALTHY…!

          So is with many other activities that demand “PHYSICAL INPUT”


Case 2 : You are Playing a Computer Racing game…!

          Your Brain is now working and radiating energy at a rate of 150miles/hr or even more and all you are doing physically is moving 3fingers around 4keys… Such Activities create A LOT OF GAP between the PRODUCTION and CONSUMPTION of ENERGY, thus leaving a lot of FREE ENERGY within your body…!

          So is with many other Works that demands “MENTAL STRAIN”

 All this energy is responsible for most of the Health problems like Restlessness, Sleep Deprivation, General Weakness, etc at minimum and Immune Depression (More chance for Infections), Degenerative Diseases (Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease), Auto-Immune Diseases, and even Cancer at the worst situation…

 Now comming to the FOOD…

This tells you How to Do it...!

I do not think anything new must be said about this food thing… A lot of awareness has been gained in this aspect these days… Still, I really want to cover a few important things…

          Eat home-made foods and avoid all the fast-foods;

          See that your food contains a lot of Roughage in it;

          Remember that “A healthy dite practice should be like NO FEAST, NO FAST”;

          Eat Fresh foods and AVOID TINNED Foods;

 You should remember that GOOD FOOD provides you not only with Carbohydrates and Fats, but also with all other Macro and Micro Nutrients…

 I found a small Software (Only for Windows) to elucidate the Nutritive Values of various Food Items… @ Nutritive Values of Food Items… Hope this will help you choose the better ones…

 Now it is your turn to find ways for FILLING THE GAP between Energy Production and Consumption in order to be Happily Healthy…

 Just remember; You do one of these two things Every Day… You either BUILD HEALTH or DISEASE in YOURSELF…

 Also Keep in Mind that Too Much of Anything is good for Nothing… So, Start or Stop anything Slowly and try keeping the change consistent to obtain the Best Results

 Take Care…!