A Letter of Love and Gratitude…!

My experience of ‘Love at First Sight’ was with Frozen Thoughts, which later on transcended into Infinithoughts

Since then, I have taken a lot of help and attained a lot of clarity in life and my thought process from it… Myself and in fact, anyone of its readers, cannot refer to it as just a magazine as it means a lot more to us…

I share a unique and beautiful relationship with Infinithoughts that whenever I pick up an issue of it, it just presents a clarity, an answer and an approach to gracefully face and resolve the issues, confusions and situations that I am facing at that juncture of life…, constantly showing me a better path, offering me a higher alternative and providing a deeper understanding towards everything…

I have now come to the end of my M Pharm course and my dear juniors bid us farewell just yesterday… Sadly, it’s also the time that I say good bye to all my lovely friends…

The very thought that we will no more get to meet my friends, at least not as regularly, is making me feel alone… a lot alone… 😦 😦

With such clumsy mind and a heavy heart, I entered our college library and there awaits a clarity to my present situation, seeking its seeker, in this month’s issue of infinithoughts…



What more can I ask of Ra… and Infinithoughts…!?

What more can I do, other than nodding my head in complete acceptance while bearing a smile from the bottom of my heart that’s brought over by the clarity you never fail to bring into my life…!

Thanks a lot Mahatria…

Thanks a lot Infinithoughts…!



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