First Time Here…!?


I am glad you stopped by and hope you’ll come back again soon!

This is my blog where I tell you and show you what is happening in this crazy life of mine.

I love life and I know this 2012 is going to change a lot of things…  By the way, I am really new to all this blogging experience… So join and encourage me!

I’ll review a few movies… post a few photos… and write what comes to mind…this is going to be an amazing journey. I’m glad you are in for the ride with me!

It is my hope and desire that this blog becomes an extension of the discussions that take place in our day to day lives.  Please feel free to post and add to the discussion.  I welcome your input.


Chandra Teja U 🙂

Some Possibly interesting things about me:

  1. I Love mother Nature… Always curious to learn new things about it… NOT TO ALTER BUT TO UNDERSTAND.
  2. I’m pursuing my bachelor degree in Pharmacy and look forward for a good career in Health Sciences.
  3. I Admire the way Living Organisms Function… More about the complexity of Human Body and Mind to make our life simple…
  4. I’m an Indian.I Live in Andhra Pradesh – it’s one of the most remarkable states in the country with its incredibly varied geography and climatology.
  5. I really love to spend time with myself…
  6. I have thirty-something Cousins. We love eachother alot but meet rarely… So, miss eachother very often.
  7. I love technology (any kind).
  8. I really like books on a variety of subjects. But if you went through my shelves you’d see mostly Science, Psychology and Reasoning books.
  9. Music is wonderful – I like just about all kinds, from jazz to hip-hop. I am a good singer too.
  10. I am also learning to play Piano, Guitar.
  11. I love to watch Movies – with my friends – when a movie first comes out. My preference is Science Fiction, romantic, comedies and action/adventure.
  12. I like water – swimming. Some prefer the ocean vs. mountains and vice-versa – it’s the ocean for me.
  13. I am very analytical, but there is also a strong creative flow that also comes out – not as much as I would like, though. I wish Blogging will been a good way to express myself.
  14. Fall is my favorite time of year. Ideal weather. I like snow – in pictures and on television.
  15. I have faith in myself and it is very important to me. I’m a Hindu, but far from perfect.
  16. I love photography. I will take hundreds of photos on a vacation – guaranteed.
  17. I’m a dabbler – in the sense that I love so many topics and have a variety of interests. This is also a distraction.
  18. I like getting dirty and sweaty, but at the end of the day, I need to step into the shower and clean up.
  19. I’m lefthanded.
  20. I am a Vegetarian. Dishes made by my mom are often my favorites!
  21. If I could meet someone past or present, it would be swami vivekananda.

11 thoughts on “First Time Here…!?

  1. Reading about you, i felt like i am reading about myself. I came through your blog when i was searching for FROZEN THOUGHTS. Does that ring a bell? Yes, when i was in India, i used to possess those magazines & even preserved them for my future as they always teach you something new. Having left India & not sure how long would i be in country, i am finding it hard to even getting an issue of them. Nice to read some of your posts on Ra’s thoughts… Please keep posting them, coz thats the only way people like me get to know some good things. We have many things in common & thats why i thought i would pen a few words… keep blogging!! Good luck 🙂
    I am basically a Chennaiate..
    I really like books on a variety of subjects. But if you went through my shelves you’d see mostly Science, Psychology and Reasoning books. – This is perfectly me!!

  2. Hello…Chandra Teja… By chance I came to your blog while searching picture for Hang till Death !! Picture in your blog is superb !! I liked it very much. Apart from that the flow of your thoughts is excellent.By that time you can also visit my blog which is for positive thinking and many more articles and lots of pictures which I design.I hope you will like it.

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