It is with your society…

I remember myself waking up by 5’o clock in the morning to attend my college and returning home only at 10’o clock in the night… The college timings were from 6am to 9pm with just 1hr lunch break in the … Continue reading

Sing it out…!

 Music has always been a part of all cultures and beliefs across the globe and is a universal language that any living form can understand and respond to… And SINGING is the form of music that is made even more … Continue reading

The “eXam” Thing…!

My 5th Semester examinations are just a day away and I am so tired of remembering things… 😦

I just realized that “The System is and has always been QUALIFYING on the basis of REMEMBRANCE and never the UNDERSTANDING

I mean to say – A 3year old kid saying E=mc2 can pass an examination in this present pattern 😉 , in spite of the fact that he knows nothing of what it actually is…

What I feel is – To by heart something and dump it back in the answer sheet’ is NOT at all required in the world today; it is whether or not you understood the real essence of the whole thing… Because this is what make us different from all these computers and even books…(they can hold a lot of data but can not understand even a sentence of what it means).

I wish and hope that soon there will be an alternative (more like a Substitution) to the present “Exam system” where in the students are tested for their Understanding and not merely their ability to Remember something… 😀 🙂 

Till then, these expressions are inevitable :-(…

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