The “eXam” Thing…!

My 5th Semester examinations are just a day away and I am so tired of remembering things… 😦

I just realized that “The System is and has always been QUALIFYING on the basis of REMEMBRANCE and never the UNDERSTANDING

I mean to say – A 3year old kid saying E=mc2 can pass an examination in this present pattern 😉 , in spite of the fact that he knows nothing of what it actually is…

What I feel is – To by heart something and dump it back in the answer sheet’ is NOT at all required in the world today; it is whether or not you understood the real essence of the whole thing… Because this is what make us different from all these computers and even books…(they can hold a lot of data but can not understand even a sentence of what it means).

I wish and hope that soon there will be an alternative (more like a Substitution) to the present “Exam system” where in the students are tested for their Understanding and not merely their ability to Remember something… 😀 🙂 

Till then, these expressions are inevitable :-(…

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