Are we doing Justification to our potential…!?

We often compare ourselves with others and keep feeling that we are still better than many of them… O.K… So, why push ourselves any harder to get to something better while we are already there without much struggle…!

I have recently learnt that, “If you have the capability to achieve 100%, why settle for anything less…?”

Let us say that the work capacity of anybody is 100W and the maximum performance anybody could give is 100P…

If, somebody out there is doing 60W-70W to get to about 50P and if I were able to give that 50P with just 5-10W and comfortably settle with that only thinking that I am on par with others, where am I working at all…?

Your Potential

I mean, when everybody around me is working their way out to give a good performance or get a good result… While I am settling for the least I can get and taking pride in the feeling that I am absolutely OK with it, am I not cheating myself by clinging onto something much lower than what I can get with a little more work and dedication…!?

The gap between where we are and where we can be is the gap between what we know in theory and what we put to practice…

Mahatria says, “History is full of stories on how one human life lived to the fullest of its capacity has become a turning point to the entire world… In fact, history of the world is nothing but the stories of those few individuals who lived their lives actualizing and maximising their potential…

Actualizing one’s own potential that is sleeping within each one of us and doing complete justice to that potential by manifesting it unto the world outside in the ways that we alone can, can create wonders…

Society is a double edged sword… with right company, we can go beyond our capacity but, with bad company, we often fall short and have to settle for much lower results… The 1st step towards such a life is to stop comparing ourselves with others and to start competing with ourselves…

Let us work towards actualizing our own potential to yield the best results in all the issues of life…

Let us live each and every moment by deriving Most and More from life…


What are you thinking...!?

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